Residential Services

Weekly curbside collection of refuse and bi-weekly collection of recycling materials (where mandated).  Customers supply their own trash cans or bags.  Residential services are billed on a calendar quarter basis at affordable rates.  Senior and Yearly discounts are available.  Large and Bulk item pickup with scheduled appointment including appliances, furniture etc. at reasonable rates.  Small rolloff containers for weekend cleanups and do-it-yourself projects.



Residential Rates:  There are no surcharges or other fees. Grass clippings are not permitted with regular trash.  


Beginning January 1, 2022:

$99.00 per calendar quarter (3 months) for regular customers

$90.00 per calendar quarter for Senior Citizen/Retired (2 bag limit per week)



Yearly Discounts upto $14.


Residential Service Guidleines:

  • Plese place your trash where our personnel can easily see it and close to the curb.  Never place trash on snow banks.
  • Bags or cans should not be heavier than one person can lift.  Bags or cans that are too heavy will be left at the curb.
  • Trash cans should be drained of water.  Cans without lids should have holes for drainage.
  • No Grass clippings
  • Do not place anything near your trash that you do not want to dispose of
  • The services and charges are for trash generated only at the address on the invoice/statement
  • Do not put out hot ashes.  Ashes must be bagged or boxed
  • All trash must be bagged if you are using a cotainer larger than 50 gallons
  • Automotive oils, such as otor oil, transmission oil, power steering fluid, hydraulic oil etc. are not acceptable for curb side trash collection.  
  • Electronic items that are not acceptable: Televisions and computer quipment
  • All customers should have their trash at the curb by 8am on the day of their collection regardless of previous collection times.